Free Simulation

This a page where all update's of flyingsim's will come,so iff you know some more let me know by e-mail with subject:Sim page.
Today we talk about a free sim that is been out for while,the fms modelflyingsim.
The fms flightsim is a reasonable good flying sim with palpable between the models and the weather condition's and the sound is also good.
The models are standard 20 piece but you can update it to about 300 or more iff you build model's by yourself.
The sim is the best to play with a joystick with two control stick's so as i have the t thrustmaster firestrom dual power 2 but other joystick's work as well or you use the keyboard.
The best method to buy a the interface edition so you can play with your own transmitter.

Ps iff you gone build your own model's please send them by e-mailwith subject:simpage to me so that i can put them on this page.

The sim links

Get your own free Fms Sim.

Or this interface version wich you have to buy.
(ps on this page there are a lot's of free models that work with both version's.)

New airplane's and heli's for both version's.

Want to build your own plane click here.

Models for the Reflex simulation

You want other flightsim's click here.

This a new free sim called Rc-air

This a link to a great demo of the sim il2 sturmovik Forgoten Battles

Last updated 26.12.2003