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Tweet 05-06-2017 Here are two movies of my new designs for my new website.
Tell me which one you like the best and why via this website or youtube.
The best one will be used for my new website. Design 1

Design 2

29-04-2017 Today i went to Sell But Fly event at Modelvliegsport Oosterhout to look to the show and buy some stuff
my dad bought a secondhand TUNDRA.
see pictures and movies below

09-04-2017 Today from 12:30 tot 19:00 i went flying with swift2 en de Mini funtana and the Freeair BLAST +aeromusicals practicing with the Swift2.

08-04-2017 Today i have been flying with my Swift2 and Mini funtana and my new biplane the Arcus F3A fist flight went well but i have to trim out on rudder and elevater a bit to much than i wanted but touch down went oke.
The second flight after some abjustments the plane flys nicer and all so the trim abjust where way beter.
The Touch down where the bet one i make this year so far.

02-04-2017 from 15:00 to 19:15 i have been flying at the Airfighterclub Gorinchem with nice sunny weather but some strong windy condition but flying went fine only the lichtweight Mini funtana has a little problems with windy condition sometimes.

1-1-2017 Everyone a Happy new Year and many rc flights at 2017.

30-10-2016 Today from 15:00 till 18:15 just flying at the Airfighterclub. 2 times with the yak54
shockflyer and 6 times with the Swift 2 and 2 of those flights were aeromusicals with lichts on.
2x met Freeair BLAST aeromusical gevlogen met lampjes aan tot echt donker was rond 18:00
Rene van Beusekom en Ben van de broek waren er ook tot ongeveer 17:00 zie hieronder de filmpjes.

for phot's see this link.