My airplanes that i am flying at the moment d
(click on the pictures for more info)


Robbe Finesse
My Charter
My Spacewalker with my Fx-18 zender.
Rcplans Fastcat
Freeair Blast


Piccolo fun
Piccolo Se(test fase)


The airplanes that i am building at the moment

Aerocat Fast pusher Speed 400 model
Jepe Spitfire elctro modelairplane

RodelModell Smit Miniplane (see picture) verbrandingsmoter model.

Smit Miniplane

crashte airplanes

1x Euro trainer
1x Accipter
1x LT40 Sig
1x Ikarus trainer
1x Nova 40 trainer
1x Calmato sport
1x Funair 40

Model airplanes of my dad(where i all so fly with sometimes)

Super Charter with 2,20 meter wingspan and a fuselage lengte of 1,95 meter powered with 10cc osmax SF en 12x8 propon it.

Ikarus superstar(shockflyer)
The setup of the shockflyer is a roxxy 2428-26 with a himodel fly 12 ampère Esc and a 2S 800 mah lemon lipo and a gws 8x4.3 prop on it.

1x Hype Mx-2
Hype Mx-2
1x Jamara Fw 109D
Jamara Fw 109D

The transmitters that i use are

my Robbe Futuba Fx-18 zender.
my dad uses a robbe Fc-16 transmitter