Who am i

In this section I have made a chronological overview of my model fly activities up to present description of this exact in general it commonly to which construction projects I which moment have started to now.

Hello I am Patrick de Vos see all so http://plus.google.com/+PatrickdeVos1980- patrick de vos Facebook
patrick de vos youtube videosor see the picture at the top on this page and I am 29 jaars old and from a village called Hei-en Boeicop at the Netherlands and Ive been model flying a couple years with model planes at my village or at the model aero club Airfighterclub (AFC) Gorinchem in Gorinchem of course.


I have started with model flying after seeing a demo of model flying trough a model flying pilot (Nico the kruijk)who lives at the same village en visiting the Afc pinkstershows in dalem(Gorinchem) and on the Compaq terrain'(is now the event hall of gorichem) along the highway A15 in Gorinchem end 1995 was I regular to fly with model airplane called a euro trainer of Robbe of me father Tom de Vos which got then lesson of Nico the kruijk at our place (Hei-en Boeicop) and from time to time on the AFC airfield.
my father become at the end of 1995 a member of the Airfighterclub gorinchem.
But because I then had no own plane I wasn't member at that time.


My father flying regularly with its euro trainer of robbe on the Compaq terrain. But because we move in the summer of the Compaq terrain to fly field at farmer Duizer.
And because we are only just beginner pilots yet it's not easy to fly there.
Because the terrain is very small, with a lot of trees(where a lot of AFC members airplanes did crash)
Later on that year I bought my first own airplane a elktr glider airplane called Robbe Finesse at the shop hangar modellbouw in Elburg(Netherlands)
which flew then not entirely well.
With engine he flew rather normal, but without it did not so good he, this came especially because the model where a bit tail heavy.
So at the and of the rudder and elavator I drilled some big holes and cover it with oracover.
This way the tail where lighter and the model where flying better after I have done that.
At that time I flew beside my Robbe Finnesse with my fathers airplane or with airplane of club members.


later I bought in 1998 a Robbbe charter airplane on second-hand there grant called Tacu in Utrecht and I became member of the Airfighterclub in Gorinchem.
I got lessons of Nico the kruijk and if he wasn't there I get lesson from Theo Jansen or Hans Krocke and I learned to fly slowly but certainly with my charter where I still fly with.
The airplane flew well but the airplane flew not well at high windy conditions.
Landing this model where a problem on that small model airfield since the charter at the lowest smallest wind or raising hot air(lift) the plane climb to high to land this airplane even if you flew the ideal landing
circuit flew above the field.
Because the charter floated enormously.
Only with nicely weather it flew perfectly and that is no longer this way frequently in the Netherlands around this time.


At the beginning of 1999 I fly regularly with my charter and flew I rather independent.
On the intermodelbau 2000 grant at Dortmund I bought a Kyosho Spacewalker ARF i for this plane I have bought
a Thunder Tiger F-54S/9801 8.87cc which I have ordered at shamrock model shop.
The model where built between flying with my robbe charter what ensured that it last a long time before it was flying ready.


At 2001 the moved the Airfighterclub gorinchem the current fly train on the Vlietsskade in Gorinchem near the motorcrossclub from Arkel in the Netherlands.
At the beginning of 2001 it were not possible to fly for the members of the Airfifgterclub Gorinchem on the new Afc terrain because of the MKZ problems they where in the Netherlands at that time.
I have bought a new engine for my charter.
All so I have bought a new transmitter,my new Fx-18 replace the old Robbe economic transmitter who came with my charter.
Later that year, the first flight of my Kyosho Spacewalker ARF which flew quit good be but where still what to had be adjusted.


At 2002 I fly with my charter a lot and i flew entirely independent.
All so the setup of my Robbe charter to this year were replaced.
The old servo's and 40mhz ecconmic receiver where replace though a digital receiver for 35mhz an act micro 6
who I had then bought at shop near by me called flycam. this way I could charter also my on my new sender fly.
All so I had to bance the model aigain because of the new lighter servo's.
After the first flight and be plane a bit improve and react he roughly a bit more like the trainer of my
father, also the model doesn't float so much as before so I can fly shorter landing circuit before the landing.


At 2003 i got my model airplane licenses so I may fly any elktro and any combustion airplane now
at the end of 2003I changed the colors from my charter to its current colors diagram because the old oracover which came off during flying.


I flew for the first time with my Kyosho Spacewalker ARF for the first time.
And the model is flying good only hard to touch down and because the Kyosho Spacewalker ARF is way beautiful and scale looking and flying a bit to hard to
fly at slow flying it is not terrible easy.
I decide another one a fuel buy model plane which on must follow my old charter.
However on my birthday I get a model construction plane called Fourstar 40 of Sig of the family these was say but 90% fly ready,
I only have to buy a engine and a receiver and the rest is there built in


Recently I have bought a piccolo Fun and built and flown it and have some several crash with it ,however
couple of drops of glue and you can fly/hover these are I at this moment further for adjusting and if these
fly perfectly of this still review come.
First flight of my Fourstar 40 with new old Mds engine which on my fathers euro trainer engine lets test-fly.
The fourstar 40 flew quite good but the conclusion where the engine something too little capacity and the rudder,elavator results were too large.


With the chairman of the afc and some members of the afc gorinchem I organized a jubilee show the airfichterclub gorinchem exists 40 years therefore that had be celebrated
2006 I have bought another piccolo helikopter and this piccolo is a V2 butt I call it the piccolo SE (special
edition) because on this heli several components sit on it that, never been used together.
This piccolo SE have some special stuff on it a aluminum swasplate, rotor head, auto rtion wheel+ the pro
brushless engine and esc of the piccolo pro + separate gyro + tail controller and a piccolo pro tail engine
and iff this helicopter fly's good there will be a review from it, and iff he doesn't fly good I use the helicopter for replacing parts.

Also I on the intermodellbau grant in 2006.
I and my dad have bought a ikarus superstar shockflyer.
Also I my Fourstar 40 have done a test-fly with a new robbe Eco engine by an instructor since the previous
attempt in end 2005 had made clearly that the instructors had already considerably effort to fly with this airplane.
Afterwards seen a very wise choice because the model flew not well because the wing structure was way to flexible.
The Fourstar has some wingtip rotion during flight charge of tip rotion and there for the plane won't fly it
self a bit the model makes three loopings just before for landing where as the instructor gave only half throttle and less to decreased flat for landing conclusion the wing must in the winter months open to obtained and make reinforces in it.


In the beginning I build another shockflyer mini called 3dx where I fly at this moment. Also I build a delta wing called pibros.
which fly quit well but the engine on it is not good bit a because of that I been rapidly looked out be on this model.
On the Intermodelbau 2007 grant in Dortmund I have bought another airplane called a multiplex Twinstar 2 Beside my other one construction projects i organized with the chairman and the members of the afc gorinchem the afc pinkstershow 2007.
Between that time to the wing of the fourstar 40 is built off with reinforced in it
but since I have to work a lot at the end of this year much I am not have the time to test this model.
Meanwhile I have now bought another plane called Swift2 by a webshop called rctechincs and where I fly frequently at the moment.
End 2007 I have built a Fastcat of depron.
And I am my busy to restoration my robbe Finnese.
and I am starting to build on my Jepe spitfire.
And my Fourstar 40, Robbe are charter, ikarus superstar, Kyosho Spacewalker are ready for season 2008


Yesterday 30-03-2008 the Ikarus Superstar Shocky has flown for the first time
The shockfyer is flying very good and a little easyer than my fathers shockflyer.
Friday, April 11 the Twinstar2 has flown for the fist time and is generally considered good.
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This will come later.

I am also frequently on model construction grants /events to find in the Netherlands such as the model
building grant at Utrecht or as every year I go to Intermodellbau in Dortmund. I hope that you find my site and forum nice.
Here are some pictures of my car (Ford Puma 1.7i)

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